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About us

Image by Matt Duncan
Image by Ethan Sykes

Company name: The Way Design LLC

Established : January 6, 2023

Head Office : Aichi, Japan

Mission : Designing the way to the future

Credo : Step Forward to the Future

Business : e-Mobility planning, development and services

                Consulting Services for Business Development

                Introducing Tech Startups to Japan Market

                Healthcare Services & Products


"The Way How"
1. Path

2. Something that guides people in a certain direction

3. An art that has been specialised and established as a school

"The Way to move"
1. A place that is maintained so that people, cars, ships, etc. can travel; a passageway, road, route; 2. A route to a destination, or the middle or intermediate part of the route; 3. A distance, a path, or a journey to a destination.

4. The path to a certain goal or result. 5. The reason for things, rules, the course of action that one should take as a human being, morality.

6. The field of arts, crafts, etc., and its spirit and essence 7. A particular field or specialization 8. The way, method, or means to accomplish something


(Source: Digital Daijisen)


1. (to pass through) a road, a street, a passage

2. Entrance or exit (to a road)

3. A place or space to pass through
4 [to move forward] direction, orientation

5. Route, path, route

6. Path, Distance

7. The path, journey, course of events, ups and downs (of life, etc.) 8. Methods, means (of solving problems) 9. Social customs, practices

10. One's own way of doing things, one's way of thinking

11. viewpoint, point, aspect, point

12 Participants and stakeholders

13. Situation, condition

14 ~ street, ~ highway

(Source: Eijiro)

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